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Field work in Seychelles

My Seychelles warbler fieldwork starts next week. I’m looking forward to go back to Cousin Island!

New paper on the cost of dispersal

Here you can find our most recent paper on the cost of prospecting for dispersal opportunities in the Seychelles warbler – a cooperatively breeding bird species. In many cooperative breeding species, young individuals delay dispersal and remain in their natal territory for a prolonged period, rather than acquiring their own independent breeding position. To locate available breeding positions, young individuals frequently undertake prospecting trips from their parents’ territory. Here we show that such prospecting trips appear costly as individuals lose body mass during prospecting trips. High energetic costs of prospecting may contribute to an individual’s decision to delay dispersal.

Conservation of farmland birds

Here you can find a short blog post about our recent study on the conservation of over-wintering farmland birds that will appear in the August issue of the journal Ecography.

Veni fellowship

I have been awarded a Veni fellowship from the Netherlands organisation for scientific research. This means that the next 4 years I will investigate the relationship between ageing and social behaviour in birds. Questions I will focus on include whether help provided by family members leads to delayed ageing in the recipients of help and how long lifespan can stimulate the evolution of helping and  other social behaviours.

On this blog I will provide updates on my research











The Seychelles warbler, the subject of the research

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